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We purchase scrap and salvage vehicles in Epsom and the surrounding areas. Click the link below to request a free quotation.

Trusted Car Disposal & Salvage Services In Epsom

At L J C Autospares Ltd, we specialise in the disposal and recycling of unwanted vehicles. Our team of experienced salvage operators serves Epsom and the surrounding communities, providing reliable and environmentally responsible solutions for the disposal of scrap cars.

Expert Motor Salvaging Professionals

As a leading scrap car buyer, we offer vehicle disposal services for both commercial and personal motors in Epsom and the surrounding areas. We also provide scrap car removal services for end-of-life vehicles and crashed transports that may be blocking roads. Our services are used by national parking companies to remove illegally parked and untaxed motors efficiently.

Competitive Car Scrapping Quotes In Epsom

We offer clear and transparent pricing, with no hidden fees. Our fast and free online quotes mean we can provide some of the best vehicle salvage offers in Epsom. Trust us to provide the best value for your scrap car.

Safe & Eco-Friendly Car Recycling Process

At our approved treatment facilities, we use modern equipment to properly depollute and recycle scrap cars across Epsom and neighbouring communities. Our process begins by removing any hazardous fluids and waste from damaged vehicles. Next, we use cutting-edge technology to recycle the scrap metal from the cars into bailed metal. This metal is then purchased by steel mills and repurposed into new steel. We also sell working spare parts for export at competitive prices.

DVLA-Approved Recycling Services

We prioritise compliance with environmental regulations and make sure that our scrap car collection services meet all necessary standards. Our computer systems are connected to the DVLA, so they are immediately notified when a vehicle has been recycled and can be registered as scrapped.

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Other Locations We Cover

We cover a wide range of locations, proudly providing customers from our base in Dorking, covering London, Surrey, Sussex, and the surrounding areas.


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