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We buy your scrap and salvage vehicles throughout Guildford, click the link below for a free quotation.

First-Rate Car Recycling Services In Guildford, Surrey

Here at L J C Autospares Ltd we offer unmatched recycling and disposal services for unwanted vehicles. Our team of professionals are experts when it comes to disposing of your old vehicles. We take pride in keeping Guildford clear of discarded vehicles. That’s why our high-quality car salvaging and removal services help reduce pollution. All metals collected from the process are ethically recycled so you don’t need to worry!

We cover the entirety of Guildford and surrounding areas with our motor salvage services, available now!

Our Scrap Car Experts

At L J C Autospares Ltd we consider ourselves scrap car buyers. Our fleet of vehicles serves the Guildford area providing scrap car collection services to individuals and local councils. We remove end-of-life vehicles or crashed vehicles littering the streets of Guildford. Our hassle-free service removes illegally parked and non-taxed vehicles, assisting national parking businesses.

Looking for the best price when scrapping a car in Guildford?

Our scrap car quotes align with our values. We pay what we say! Expect no hidden fees with us, that’s our price promise guarantee. So why wait? Get a free quote and get the best possible vehicle salvage prices.

Our Vehicle Recycling Process

Our authorised treatment facilities utilise the latest technology in motor salvaging. We carefully depollute and recycle all scrap vehicles. Here’s how:

  1. Our process begins with removing all harmful waste and fluids from the vehicle. 
  2. Then, once fully depolluted, the waste scrap metal is recycled by our state-of-the-art machinery, which transforms the materials into bailed metal. 
  3. After this process, the bails are moved on to steel mills to be recycled into new steel.

All available spare parts are ready for export and can be purchased directly from us!

Certified by DVLA

Our on-site computers have links to the DVLA database, which means that we can notify them once your vehicle has gone through the scrapping process and has been recycled. 

Contact us to discuss responsible car recycling and disposals throughout Guildford.

Other Locations We Cover

We cover a wide range of locations, proudly providing customers from our base in Dorking, covering London, Surrey, Sussex, and the surrounding areas.


Call us, in Dorking, Surrey, for more information on our scrap car removal and vehicle disposal services.

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