Car Scrapping and Salvaging Services in Sunbury

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If you live in Sunbury and need a car scrapping service, then look no further. LJC Autospares offer car scrapping services in Sunbury and the surrounding area. We have a hassle-free service in Surrey at fantastic rates.

Hassle-Free Car Recycling Across Sunbury and Surrey

LJC Autospares can recycle your car in Sunbury and the surrounding area. We make it easy for you to remove and recycle your car, and we pay what we say on collection, so you will always get the price we initially promised.

We also ensure we take care to protect the environment as much as we can, and aim to recycle 85% of car parts that we collect in Sunbury-on-Thames, and we work hard to exceed industry standards in Surrey.

As well as our recycling services, we also offer vehicle salvage services in Sunbury and the surrounding areas. Our service is risk-free and we offer competitive prices for car salvaging and spare parts.

Rapid & Transparent Scrap Vehicle Valuations

Our scrap car experts are dedicated to providing professional opinions, clear and transparent vehicle valuations that are more competitive than other scrap yards and zero hidden fees. This ensures our experts can give you the best rate for your scrap vehicle valuations, and pay what we say.

We handle all the necessary paperwork to scrap your car in Sunbury to ensure a smooth, hassle-free experience for you. To scrap your car, you ideally need your Vehicle Registration Document (V5C), a form of personal identification (such as your driving licence or passport), and proof of address (such as a utility bill or bank statement).

Environmentally Friendly Car Recycling Services in Sunbury

Our authorised treatment facilities are based less than an hour away from Sunbury in Dorking, and are equipped with cutting-edge car recycling technology to ensure the safe disposal of all collected scrap motors. 

Once transported back to our main base of operation we have a structured recycling procedure:

  1. First, we remove hazardous waste from damaged vehicles.
  2. Next, we use cutting-edge technology to recycle scrap metal from the motors and convert it into bailed metal. 
  3. We then sell these bailed metals to steel mills to be repurposed into new steel.

In addition to car-breaking services, we also offer a wide selection of working spare parts ready for export at competitive prices.

DVLA Registered Car Recyclers In Sunbury

Our onsite computer systems are linked to the DVLA so that they are notified of the successful recycling of a car that has been registered as scrapped. We always adhere to environmental regulations and compliance and ensure all cars that we recycle meet necessary standards and go through the required procedure.

If you have any questions about our scrap car services in Sunbury, Surrey and beyond, visit our Contact Us page today!

Other Locations We Cover

We cover a wide range of locations, proudly providing customers from our base in Dorking, covering London, Surrey, Sussex, and the surrounding areas.


Call us, in Dorking, Surrey, for more information on our scrap car removal and vehicle disposal services.

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