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We buy salvaged and scrap motors throughout Surrey and surrounding areas. Click the link below for a fast & free valuation.

Expert Car Scrapping Services In Surrey

At LJC Autospares, we’re passionate about our role as motor recycling experts. Our experienced team excels in removing and salvaging vehicles that are taking up space and causing a hassle. We’ve got you covered in Surrey and its surrounding regions, where our skilled salvage operators are eagerly waiting to provide unparalleled motor salvage services. You can count on us for a dependable and eco-friendly solution to your vehicle woes!

Hassle-Free Scrap Car Collection From Surrey

LJC Autospares are the industry leader in the collection of scrap cars. We work closely with both domestic and commercial clients to remove end-of-life cars that are causing unnecessary stress. That’s why our Surrey car breakers are trusted amongst local councils and national parking communities to keep the roads clear of unwanted vehicles. Looking to remove an untaxed vehicle from your property? Then our damaged car collection services are the answer to all your problems!

Fast Car Valuation From Our Scrap Yard In Surrey

In need of cash for your scrap car? Or not sure what to do with a damaged motor vehicle? Then why not sell to LJC Autospares?

We ensure that our car valuations are free of any hidden costs and fees. This means we’re committed to giving accurate quotes and paying what we say when you enquire about selling your scrap car to us. Giving a fair and transparent price are the core values of LJC Autospares  and we work tirelessly to be able to provide this service to those in Surrey and neighbouring areas.

Our Eco-conscious Scrap Yards In Surrey

Scrap car recycling is an important process that requires particular expertise and knowledge. We have everything we need working from our base in Dorking, Surrey. We have state-of-the-art technology and equipment to ensure our car recycling services are eco-friendly whilst remaining efficient.

We start the process by depolluting salvage vehicles by extracting hazardous waste materials. We then use industry-leading machinery to convert salvage cars into recyclable scrap metal that is ready to be repurposed. We then safely transport the recycled metal to local steel mills to be repurposed into new metals and materials.

DVLA-Supported Car Recycling Yards

At LJC Autospares, we take environmental responsibility seriously. Our commitment to regulations and compliance ensures that every scrap car we pick up undergoes rigorous standards and recycling procedures. Our state-of-the-art onsite computer systems are linked directly to the DVLA, guaranteeing seamless notification of each successful recycling.

If you’re in Surrey and looking for a dependable, eco-conscious solution for your scrap car, look no further. Head to our contact us page for more information on how we can help today!

Other Locations We Cover

We cover a wide range of locations, proudly providing customers from our base in Dorking, covering London, Surrey, Sussex, and the surrounding areas.


Call us, in Dorking, Surrey, for more information on our scrap car removal and vehicle disposal services.

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